Welcome to Whisky Glass Experts. We offer various types of tumblers and highball glasses at wholesale prices.
We are going to be showcasing these glasses and display all the relative specials monthly, so be sure to check back regularly for all the latest deals.


Crystal Highball

Please view our selection of crystal highball glasses on offer:


Club Crystal Highball
470 ml


Vision Crystal Highball


Spirit Crystal Highball
300 ml


Whisky Classic Crystal Highball
440 ml

Glass Highball

Please view our selection of glass highball glasses on offer:

D 0347/34

Disco glass
340 ml

D 347/50

Disco glass
500 ml

D 0347/27

Disco glass
270 ml

D 0312/31

Dallas glass
310 ml

D 0312/22

Dallas glass
220 ml

D 683/29

Dallas glass
290 ml

D 0215/50

Odeo glass
500 ml

D 0342/49

Quartz glass
470 ml

D 0814/35

Brek glass
350 ml

D 0814/50

Brek glass
500 ml

D 0780/58

Bubble glass
580 ml

D 0780/40

Bubble glass
400 ml

D 0700/31

Convention glass
310 ml

D 0832/34

Gem glass
350 ml

D 0716/46

Norway glass
450 ml

G BW-45

Willy glass
385 ml

G BW-02

Bamboo Zombie glass
325 ml

G BW-01

Swiss Highball glass
250 ml


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